Hi, I'm Megan!

I can freeze time.

What's your super power?

Untitled photo

Hi. Hello. Hola. Shalom.

I am ecstatic that you are here visiting my website!

I studied photography at the University of Minnesota Duluth and officially opened MGP's doors in August of 2010. I had no idea that all of these years later I would still be absolutely in love with my job and loving life even more.

Married in June 2016 to my handsome hubby, Chad, and we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Lorelei, in January 2018. You'll notice from the slideshow above that we have had a lot of photo shoots done of our family but it's NEVER enough! Luckily Chad is willing to go along with my craziness and need to document our lives.

A little about me!

Avid hockey fan

Crazy cat lady

Allergic to chocolate

Obsessed with popcorn

Active LGBT supporter

World traveler

If you ask me my Boston accent is dead on

I cry at every wedding ceremony I attend

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